One upon a time on a large and beautiful island in a distant clear blue ocean there was a King named Felix. King Felix had lived on Calypso Island his whole life and had many wonderful memories of the carefree days of his childhood. In those days he used to act a bit foolish and silly, but just in the way that children do when they are getting up to a fun kind of no-good mischief. Somehow because of his antics he had acquired the nickname ‘Foogli’, a name that of course was now long gone, since he now had a serious job of running the island.

King Felix’s days were taken up with mountains of paperwork that were required by his serious life, and he had long forgotten how to have fun. However, he started to realize that running a country, and making sure that everything was in order, had lead to a very uninspiring, boring life. One that he knew ‘Foogli’ did not dream of as a child.

One day while taking a very unusual break from all his responsibilities he decided to take a walk on the beach near his castle. It was on this walk that he bumped into a childhood friend that animatedly and unapologetically called him “Foogli”, because of course that was who he was to him. Sparked by this memory of better days, King Felix and his old friend decide to take the day off and and spend it having fun.

By the end of the day Foogli was completely revitalized and so happy that he decided to create a new law. This law stated that everyone in his kingdom had to make time in their busy schedules to do things that made them feel young and happy and excited about life again, just like they did when they were children. He knew that even though everyone was not running countries, they often worked and felt like they did!

This law was called ‘Foogli’s Law’, and resulted in ‘Foogli Days’ and ‘Foogli Events’. Consequently the whole island was a much happier (Fooglier) place.

Welcome to your resource of Foogli approved activities straight from Calypso Island!