They have a fun family program where you can tour the gallery and then make your own art. A great way to get to know art for ages 8-14 plus adult.

A distinctive family program designed to inspire a deep awareness of Asian art and culture, serves children ages eight to fourteen and their adult companions.

Specially created gallery guides take families through our collections and exhibitions, encouraging close looking and conversation between children and adults. Afterwards, families return to the classroom to create their own unique work of art inspired by those in the galleries.

A diverse range of approaches is used to connect our family visitors to the treasures in our collections, including storytelling, poetry writing, puppetry, music, and dance.

Offers fun, flexible, drop-in gallery experiences for families with children of all ages.

With help from gallery interpreters, families engage in hands-on activities at interactive carts and in the galleries that involve close looking and encourage conversation.

Designed as brief encounters, ExplorAsia activities can be connected or extended for longer excursions in the galleries. ExplorAsia has specially designed elements for young children (under 8 years old), but family members of all ages are welcome.

For those exploring the museums on their own, family guides located at the information desks delightfully introduce visitors of all ages to the wonders of our collections and to the cultures they represent.

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