You know that moment when the project you found on pinterest completely fails. This is NOT one of those, it is exactly as easy as it looks, and kids love it! My daughter took her monster crayon with her everywhere for days – which is her way of showing complete love of something, and made me really happy considering how little time it took.

My daughter went through a phase of ‘taking all the clothes off’ all her crayons (thanks to the book “The Day the Crayons Quit”!). So we had lots of broken and ‘naked’ crayons that had made it into the not-so-used pot. Plus I keep all the crayons she had been given at restaurants over the last year or so. I always assume they’ll get thrown away so hate to leave them on the table. Needless to say, we had more than we needed in their original state for this project.

Working time: 20 minutes
• crayons and/or bits of crayons
• mold: find a flexible ice tray that has a fun shape your kid will enjoy
• oven
• fridge/freezer

How to do it

1. Take all the clothes off the crayons, this is WAY more fun for kids than adults, so definitely get them involved with this part.
crayons fixing round

2. Break them up into pieces small enough to fit into whatever mold you have (you can do this manually, no need for any knife or anything)
crayons round

3. Put them in the mold, you can color coordinate them or just mix them all up.
in mold 1 round

4. Over fill the mold a bit so that when they melt they fill up the mold well enough.
in mold round

5. Put in the oven at 350 for about 10-15 minutes, you can easily tell when it’s all melted. Keep an eye on them. I left them in for a bit longer and it didn’t seem to do much harm, but they did start to bubble so I don’t think that’s preferable. I think if I had left them in a bit longer I would have ruined them. The oils in the crayons started to smoke a bit too, not so pleasant!
melted round

6. Put them in the fridge to cool off. I left them overnight although they would only have taken an hour or so. If you need them faster put them in the freezer.

7. Once cooled (the mold will feel cool all over) you can pop them right out. Be careful if you have a complex mold to get them out gently. I lost a few feet in the process of getting our monsters out because the feet area didn’t have so much crayon in it, making them more breakable.
finished round